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• DAR ELMEYAH offers premium ion exchange resin products for a wide range of applications including the following industrial sectors:

• Drinking water treatment (residential and commercial)

• Electrical power generation

• Steel and heavy machinery manufacturing

• Chemical and petroleum

• Pharmaceutical and medical

• Electronics and microelectronics

• Food and beverage

• Consumer products

• Metallurgy

• Environmental protection, etc..


DAR ELMEYAH offers high quality Membranes for demineralizing brackish water or desalinating seawater for a variety of industries and applications including industrial water treatment, power generation, food & beverage processing, municipal desalination and water reuse, and home drinking water devices


DAR ELMEYAH offers a wide range of water and wastewater treatment chemicals like  high grade Calcium Hypochlorite 70% (Aquafit – India) which has very wide application in swimming pools and drinking water treatments. Its area of application is increasing day by day and has a great demand world over.

In addition Dar Elmeyah is a sole agent for international companies offering the following chemicals :

1- Anionic and Cationic polymers

2-Sugar Industry Antiscalants

3-Color removal chemicals for textile industry


4 - Filtration Media

DAR ELMEYAH supplies premier minerals for filtration media, well pack, and many more applications that require aggregates in specified shape, size, property and specialty. Including (Sand, Gravel, Birm, Manganese Greensand and Anthracite.

5 - Instrumentation and valves

We can provide our customers with the highest quality products and services; we can also supply the water treatment equipment required for the design of commercial and industrial water treatment systems.

6 - Dosing Pump System

DAR ELMEYAH provides a comprehensive and highly qualified range of solutions and products in the field of chemical dosing and disinfection and offers a wide spectrum which used in a wide variety of applications :

1- Chemical dosing

2-UV disinfection systems

3-Chlorination systems

4- Cartridge candles

7 - ULTRA Filtration unit

Ultrafiltration (UF) technology uses a membrane barrier to exclude particles as small as 0.01 microns, including bacteria, viruses and colloids. Advantages of UF compared to conventional treatment such as clarifiers and media filters, are its high tolerance to feed water quality upsets, absolute barrier and improved water quality.
Ultrafiltration ( UF ) is the solution for surface water treatment , industrial waste re-use and residential filtration since it is NSF approved and approved from Ministry of health .

8 - De-ionization systems

There are three ways in which ion-exchange technology can be used in water treatment and purification: first, cation-exchange resins alone can be employed to soften water by base exchange; secondly, anion-exchange resins alone can be used for organic scavenging or nitrate removal; and thirdly, combinations of cation-exchange and anion-exchange resins can be used to remove virtually all the ionic impurities present in the feedwater, a process known as deionization. Water deionizers purification process results in water of exceptionally high qualitystrial waste re-use and residential filtration since it is NSF approved and approved from Ministry of health .