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 Projects Reference List for

Dar El Meyah Supplies and Contracting Company-2019


Type of Work Place Capacity Year Project Name No.
Sewage Treatment Plant Haikstep 150m3/day 2015 Haikstep 1
Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant Quweisna 1200m3/day 2015 Egypt Foods 2
Sewage Treatment Plant Egypt Alexandria

Desert Road

10.5m3/day 2015 Villa Al Sheti 3
Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant October 250m3/day 2015 Al Bariq 4
Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant El Obour 70m3/day 2016 El Nakheel Tex 5
Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant El Obour 5m3/day 2016 National Paints 6
 Water Treatment Plant October 200m3/day 2016 MARS Egypt 7
Sewage Treatment Plant Dahshour 40m3/day 2016 Dahshour 8
Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant Ismailya 850m3/day 2016 Atyab Factory 9
BWRO Qinah 70m3/day 2016 Green Heights 10
Grey Water System 5th Settlement 100m3/day 2016 Audi Bank 11
Sewage Treatment Plant North Coast 300m3/day 2016 Estrahat El Qada 12
Chlorination System EL Kattamya 500m3/day 2016 EL Kattamya Airport 13
Filtration System 5th Settlement 1200m3/day 2017 Dorra 14
Laundry  Wastewater Treatment Plant Hurghada 15m3/day 2017 Royal Makadi- Sun Rise Holel 15
Sewage Treatment Plant El Ain El Sukhna 100m3/day 2018 Marble Factory – El galala 16
Rehabilitation & Upgrade Of Sewage Treatment Plant Hurghada 140+140m3/day 2018 Hurghada Airport 17
SWRO Unit (Sea Water) MarsaMatrouh/ Bernice 500m3/day 2018 El Yosr 18
Sewage Treatment plant MarsaMatrouh/ Bernice 2*200+2*400m3/day 2018 El Yosr 19
BWRO Units & Rehabilitation Sinai 300m3/day 2019 Al Hasana Water Treatment plant – North Sinai 20
Rehabilitation & Upgrade Of Sewage Treatment Plant Hurghada 400m3/day 2019 Grand Plaza Hotel 21
Sewage Treatment Plant Port Said 2*150m3/day 2019 Port Said Tunnels 22
SWRO Unit (Sea Water) Red sea 1000m3/day 2019 Red sea Company for water & waste water – Safaga 23
Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant El Mahalla El Kubra 30m3/day 2019 KADER factory for developed industries 24
Rehabilitation & Upgrade Of (Sea Water RO) Sinai 1500m3/day 2019 Company for water & waste water North & south –Sinai -Taba 25
Sewage Treatment Plant Minya





2019 Canal Sugar 26
Sewage Treatment Plant Portsaid 800m3/day 2019 Portsaid Naval base 27
Sewage Treatment Plant Marsa Allam 800m3/day 2019 Cleopatra group Marsa Allam 28
Sewage Treatment Plant Marsa Matrouh 500m3/day 2019 Cleopatra group Marsa Matrouh 29
Sewage Treatment Plant Sharm el Sheikh 800 m3/day 2020 Sunrise Bahia palace hotel 30